The Best Gardening Apps Every Gardener Needs

It might be difficult to take care of plants, but happily technology can provide some assistance. We identified the top applications to streamline the process so that you can be the best gardener or plant parent possible.

These applications will assist you in determining how to care for your plants and serve as a reminder to do so, whether you are beginning a windowsill herb garden, purchasing some indoor plants, or creating a garden in your backyard.

Keep reading to learn more – best of all, all of them are free.

Garden Answers App

Don’t know what kind of tree it is in your backyard? Looking for the name of a favorite flower in your neighbor’s yard? Open this free app after downloading it, then use your smartphone to take a picture. In order to identify the plant in question and provide basic care instructions, the app will match your snapshot to those in a database. For a nominal cost, you can also consult horticulturalists about specific pests and illnesses.

Moon & Garden App

You can keep track of the moon phases and the best dates to sow various crops with the aid of Moon & Garden. Based on the notion that the moon has a biodynamic quality and can influence the success of your crops.

To keep track of what has to be done in your garden and when, the app also contains a built-in planner. You can even keep notes on your gardening in this part. For gardeners of all skill levels, Moon & Garden is an excellent all-around software.

This software is free with in-app purchases and is accessible on both Android and iOS.

From Seed to Spoon App

You may get individualized planting dates and a comprehensive growing guide for more than 100 fruits, vegetables, and herbs with Seed to Spoon. There are no climate variations because your guides are based on your GPS location. The software makes it easy to keep track of all the plants, occasions, notes, and images from your garden and ranks them according to their individual health benefits. It provides in-depth details on plant kinds, all-natural ways to control pests and illnesses, beneficial bugs for your garden, and how to expand your garden to provide food for your family.

LeafSnap App

Artificial intelligence is used by LeafSnap to recognize plants. Currently, it can identify 90% of all plants and trees. The software allows you to upload or take a picture of a plant, and it will provide you with instructions on how to grow it as well as information on how much light and water it requires.

Download LeafSnap for Android from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

What’s That Flower? App

Use What’s That Flower to learn the name of each flower you see while walking around the park or in your neighborhood. After narrowing down your possibilities from more than 1,000 options by selecting a flower’s color, habitat, and number of petals, you can explore the list to find the bloom you’re looking at. The app can also be used to assist you in deciding which flowers to put in your own garden. This software requires an internet connection to use and disabling advertisements costs $1. Although using the app’s basic functionality is free, searching by photo costs $3.

Garden Manager App

This new app focuses on assisting you in getting more out of your edible garden. Through a series of questions, this online gardening coach guides you from planting to harvest. It offers three tiers of subscription services, gives out reminders on what needs to be done when, and guides you through the season. Additionally, it is connected to weather stations so that it can warn you when to cover delicate plants in case of impending frost.

  Garden Tags App

A social media website for gardeners is called Garden Tags. You may get expert advice, observe what plants other gardeners are planting, and follow other gardeners. One of the greatest gardening forums and applications for planting ideas, plant identification, growing tips, and plant care guidelines.

You may also participate in conversations, post queries, and provide your own advice about gardening. A fantastic method to meet other gardeners around the world is through Garden Tags.

This software is free with in-app purchases and is accessible on both Android and iOS.

Smart Plant Home App

An all-in-one gardening app is called Smart Plant Home. The care calendar is the function that is most useful. The software automatically creates a care calendar after you add a plant, reminding you to water it or perform other duties based on the plant. If you have a tendency to kill plants, this may be helpful. Additionally, a searchable issue solver is available to help you identify pests and diseases that affect plants. If that doesn’t work, you can use the app to share pictures of plants and plant illnesses with horticultural specialists all over the world.

For iOS users, visit the Apple App Store and for Android users, visit the Google Play Store to download Smart Plant Home.

Gardenize App

Gardenize offers advice on how to care for each plant in your garden, including location, crop rotation, and annual tracking of plants and crops. It also assists you in keeping track of all the plants in your garden. You may keep information and images about your plants in one location. You can get insight on how to maintain your garden’s beauty and health from a dynamic news feed. The software is divided into sections that focus on different sorts of plants, flower beds, raised beds, and gardening chores like watering, fertilizing, and harvesting.

Keep a running narrative of your garden with up-to-date images, track the state of the soil and duration of sunlight, and document the growth of your plants from seed to fully grown plant. You can set up a public or private account to track gardens around the world and allow friends to follow you. The software is free, but you can choose to pay for up to 30 exports as PDFs, spreadsheets, or photo galleries if you wish to export or download your data. A fresh design and layout, simple access to adding images of plants, locations, and events, updated photo details, and tabs for adding and editing plants are all included in newer editions.

GrowIt App

This free smartphone app is for you if you like to communicate with other plant enthusiasts for knowledge. You can ask questions about garden design, find a nearby botanical garden or nursery, share your own photographs, and have the community members identify plants and solve difficulties for you. The addition of recurrent plant gifts makes it even better!