30+ Amazing Houseplant Hacks That Actually Work

Plants are a great addition to any home, but having them stay alive is another story. Unless you have a green thumb, keeping them healthy and thriving is almost impossible.

If you’ve ever faced the disappointment of watching your plants die despite putting tons of time and effort into keeping them alive, we’re here to help you out. We’ve got some amazing houseplant hacks and proven tips to make it easier to keep them alive

Eggshells for Seedlings

Most people buy tiny pots before starting their seedlings, but this is a huge waste of money. Halved eggshells can serve the same purpose and they’re better for your plants than pots due to the high level of calcium carbonate they contain.

Collect eggshells for a while before growing your seedlings and fill them with dirt. They’ll nourish the soil with calcium and nitrogen, helping your plants grow and bloom much faster.