What to do with wood chips after tree removal?

If you’ve recently had a tree removed from your property, you may be wondering what to do with the wood chips that were left behind. Wood chips can be a useful material in a variety of applications, and there are several options for disposing of or reusing them after a tree removal. Here are a few ideas for what to do with wood chips after tree removal:

  1. Use them as a mulch: One of the most common uses for wood chips is as a mulch in gardens and landscaped areas. Wood chips can help to suppress weeds, regulate soil temperature, and improve soil structure and fertility. To use wood chips as a mulch, simply spread them over the soil around plants and trees in a layer that is at least 3 inches deep.
  2. Compost them: If you have a compost bin or pile, you can add wood chips to the mix as a source of carbon. Wood chips will break down over time and provide nutrients and other benefits to your compost. Just be sure to balance the wood chips with a source of nitrogen, such as grass clippings or kitchen scraps, to create a well-balanced compost.
  3. Use them as ground cover: Wood chips can also be used as a ground cover in areas where you don’t want grass or other plants to grow. Simply spread a layer of wood chips over the area and tamp them down to create a stable surface.
  4. Sell or donate them: If you have a large quantity of wood chips and don’t have a use for them yourself, you may be able to sell or donate them to someone else who can use them. You can try advertising the wood chips on local classified websites or posting on social media, or you can reach out to local landscaping companies or garden centers to see if they have any interest in the chips.
  5. Dispose of them: If you don’t have a use for the wood chips and are unable to sell or donate them, you may need to dispose of them. Many local landfill or waste management facilities will accept wood chips for disposal. Just be sure to check with your local facility to see what their policies and fees are for disposing of wood chips.

Overall, there are several options for what to do with wood chips after tree removal, including using them as a mulch, composting them, using

them as ground cover, selling or donating them, or disposing of them. The best option for you will depend on your specific needs and resources, as well as the quantity of wood chips that you have. By considering these options and making the best choice for your situation, you can effectively dispose of or reuse the wood chips from your tree removal project.