What Is 50/50 Soil Mix

50/50 Blend is a mixture of 50% Z-Best Organic Compost and 50% clean screened topsoil. This mixture works well for sculpting little berms, filling up bare spots where you want plants to grow, and creating new lawns.


A 50/50 mixed blend of topsoil and fish compost intended for outdoor gardening.

This mixture is perfect for little undertakings like potting plants, gardening, flower and vegetable gardens, and garden boxes.

A 50/50 mix is a mixture of organic fish compost and topsoil. You and your plants will get the most value out of this product combination. With each watering, the organic fish compost will continue to slowly release additional nutrients for your plants if it has been pre-blended with the topsoil.

For your vegetable plants, the 50/50 topsoil organic fish compost blend is a fantastic product. You’ll notice stronger plant growth and increased produce yields. Your garden soil mixture will remain loose, promoting excellent root development and excellent water retention while keeping the nutrients close by for your plants to readily absorb.

• Breaking Up Heavy Clay Soils
• Enriching Raised Beds & Flower Borders
• Improving Undernourished Soils
• Boosting Nitrogen, Nutrients & Phosphates
• Adding Organic Matter
• Increasing Aeration in Soils
• Improving Water Retention
• A Wide Range of Gardening Uses

Understanding 50/50 Soil Mix

A 50/50 soil mixture consists primarily of 50% screened topsoil and 50% compost. Instead of only compost, some soil mixtures may also contain additional organic material, giving them a composition of 50% topsoil and 50% organic matter.

With the help of this soil mixture, you can be confident that your plants will receive the proper nutrients and that you won’t need to replenish the soil’s organic content any time soon.

Some people will also fill their garden beds (both raised and regular), approximately 34 of the way with 50/50 soil, and then add an additional compost layer for the remaining 14 of the way, depending on how much organic material they want to put in their soil.

Others purchase compost in bulk and mix their own 50/50 soil, while some people produce their own compost. You can also buy dirt that has already been mixed 50/50.

The primary issue with 50/50 soil is that it might be expensive to mix your own using commercial compost. Since they have a lot of raised garden beds to fill, many individuals prefer using a mix with less compost.

Final Thoughts

For raised garden beds, a 50/50 soil mixture is a decent alternative, but it’s not the only one. You can also use 70/30 soil or less, even 95/5 soil, if you want a less expensive choice with less compost.

The soil you use should always be compatible with the plants you intend to grow. To achieve the appropriate soil conditions, it might be necessary to adjust the percentage of your preferred soil mix or add particular soil additives.