Natural Way to Keep Ants off Plants

Ants will always make their way into our gardens; it's unavoidable. But not for much longer! Here are some natural ant control methods.


Lavender bushes in the garden discourage ants from invading your home. Adding dried flowers to cabinets and doorways might also serve as a deterrent.


Peppermint is a natural insect repellent that may prevent ants and other bugs like mosquitoes. Scattering mint leaves in places of your home where you've observed ants may deter them.

Hot peppers

Black or red (cayenne) pepper is a natural ant repellent since the insects appear to dislike the fragrance. Sprinkle pepper along baseboards and behind appliances to employ this strategy.


With outdoor exposure, rosemary protects the soil and garden plants from ants, mosquitoes, beetles, and other pests.


Garlic cloves are an excellent ant (and insect) repellant. What exactly is this? Leave a few garlic cloves in areas where you see active ants. You will notice them avoiding the area.


Tanacetum vulgare can grow to 5 feet in USDA zones 3 through 8, with ferny foliage and bright-as-a-button petal-less yellow blossoms. Its powerful, spicy aroma is said to repel fleas and ants.


Dried catnip placed throughout the house at entrances, gaps and crevices, near windows, and anywhere you've noticed ant activity will keep ants away.


Marigolds repel ants while also adding a stunning splash of orange color to your decor. When compared to other plants, these can be a little more difficult to keep as houseplants. Marigolds require warm temperatures and plenty of sunlight to thrive.