Types of Yellow Roses and How to Use Them in the Garden

Yellow roses are unique. Here are the top types if you're seeking for the perfect one for your Garden.


Rosa 'Charlotte' is a compact, upright shrub rose with beautiful green foliage. It bears masses of cup-shaped, soft-yellow blooms with a rich tea-rose aroma in the summer.

Golden Celebration

One of the most floriferous English Roses, with rich yellow blooms in the shape of huge cups.

Graham Thomas

'Graham Thomas' grows to be about five feet tall. It's essentially your picture-perfect yellow rose. If you're going to start with an English rose, this is a great place to start.

Lady Banks

Lady Banks Rose is an active climbing rose. It is available in white and yellow and has a mildly sweet smell. It is a thornless rose that requires little maintenance.

Julia Child

Julia Child roses are recognized for their lush blooms and licorice-like aroma. It is a tiny rose that is frequently grown in pots.

Sulphur Rose

Rosa hemisphaerica, popularly known as the sulphur rose, is a rose species native to Western Asia with pale yellow petals. Rosa raphinii, the wild variant, has solitary flowers with five petals.


has a bright yellow color that lasts for a long time, a wonderfully delicious smell, lots of glossy deep green foliage, an appealing bushy plant, and exceptional disease resistance.

Sunny Knock Out

Sunny Knock Out rose (Rosa) has fragrant, color-changing blossoms that bloom prolifically! Flowers start out bright yellow and fade to a gentle cream tone.

Teasing Georgia

A lovely yellow 4-5" rose with 50+ petals. The flowers have a very appealing cupped shape.