10 Flowering Plants That Attract Butterflies to Your Garden


Are perennial herbaceous border plants that are hardy and simple to grow. Because they have strong stems, even the taller varieties rarely require staking. 


Are robust upright perennials in the daisy family. They are indigenous to the eastern and central United States, ranging from Colorado to Texas and north to the Great Lakes.

Butterfly Bush

Butterfly bushes are big, fast-growing shrubs with butterflies' favorite flowers. Buddleias are low-maintenance plants, although they can be invasive in some regions


One of the greatest flowering plants for attracting a diverse variety of butterflies, blooms consistently during the time of year when adults are most active. 

Butterfly Bush

There's a reason it's called a butterfly bush. This thick shrub is adorned with lovely flowers that attract butterflies and other pollinators. 


This North American native is a host plant for painted crescent and pearl crescent butterflies, making it one of the most valued butterfly plants.

Black-Eyed Susan

Is one of North America's major wildflowers and one of the first to become a tamed garden flower. Its eye-catching bright yellow flower head with black centers is a visual treat.


Bright marigolds are well recognized for repelling some pests from your yard, but they also draw bees and butterflies. To keep the blossoms and butterflies coming, deadhead dried flowers!


Numerous pollinating insects and butterflies. Bee balm is a perennial plant that thrives in most climates and requires little maintenance.

Blazing Star 

Is an intriguing perennial that blooms  with 1 to 3 foot-tall spikes of vivid purplish-pink or white flowers. Growing it in a butterfly garden is the perfect choice.