The Top Perennials With Stunning White Flowers

These white flowers are a perennial, which means they will return year after year and provide a touch of class to your garden.

Swamp rose mallow

Sometimes referred to as rose mallow hibiscus or swamp hibiscus, is a shrubby, moisture-loving plant in the hibiscus family that blooms from midsummer to autumn. 

Siberian iris

Are the simplest iris varieties to grow and bloom. They are the most versatile irises for the perennial border because of their beautiful stems, blooms, and neat growth habits. 

Cape jasmine gardenia

Is a well-known tropical evergreen shrub with a permanent blossom. It's grown for its lovely smells and creamy-white flowers.

Hybrid phlox

With its pure white flowers, this naturally small, early flowering Phlox will provide a lengthy season of brightness to your garden.

Shasta daisy

Shasta daisy blossoms produce bright summer blooms with the look of a classic daisy and evergreen foliage that lasts all year in many places.

White yarrow

Is an elegant perennial wildflower with large, flat clusters of 20-25 creamy-white blooms that grow in abundance. They bloom on tall stems that sit atop a sweetly scented, green.

Million bells

Will bloom throughout the summer if their needs are addressed. The key factors for keeping them happy are sunlight, fertilizer, soil, and water.

Meadow rue

Is a lovely evergreen. It produces airy clouds of lilac to white flowers from mid-summer to early October. It looks great in a mixed herbaceous border and makes an excellent cut flower.

Evergreen candytuft

A wonderful tiny plant that should not be neglected! Candytuft is an enchanting low, sprawling, woody-based perennial that will charm your garden for weeks in spring and early summer.