Many modern petunia are ideal for outdoor hanging baskets.


ferns offer lovely trailing foliage the look of a hanging fern outdoors. The detail of the leaves as they unfurl is mesmerizing


Verbena is a beautiful hanging plant that comes in more than 250 different varieties.

Blue Bacopa

Bacopa is most easily grown outdoors in containers For nice growth, hang your bacopa in a place where there is a lot of afternoon shade

Moss Rose

Also known as moss rose purslane, Mexican rose, sun rose, and rock rose they are sun-loving plant can take the heat. 

Spider Plant

this yellow and green hued houseplant can be inside your home. Or you can grow it as an outdoor hanging plant too. 


Lobelia can thrive in climates all over the U.S. Lobelia comes in incredibly intense blue colors


this tropical hanging plant loves filtered light, humid air, and warm temperatures.

String of Pearls

this hanging succulent for its striking bead-like looks alone. It's also drought-resistant