The Best Indoor Plants For Low Light.

Check out this selection of low-light indoor plants ideal for rooms or offices with little to no natural light.

ZZ Plant. 

The lovely Ric Rac cactus has long, unkempt branches that grow in a zigzag pattern. The ZZ is an easy to grow and care for indoor plant.

Snake Plant.

Is a common indoor plant that is indigenous to Asia and Africa. It can be identified by its sword-shaped, evergreen leaves that grow vertically and appear nearly artificial foliage. 

Staghorn Fern.

In environments with high humidity, like restrooms, staghorn fern thrives. It naturally grows in trees and doesn't need soil or much moisture around its roots. It needs a little light.


Is a tropical vine plant that has adapted well as a hardy houseplant.  Pothos is a low-light plant that is a suitable starting point for growing houseplants.

Maidenhair Fern

Are delicate plants with very small fronds and a lace-like appearance. And many ferns, including button, Autumn, rabbit's foot, and others, are suitable for low-light environments.


Is a tropical plant that thrives in indirect light indoors. It can endure low light, but its growth will be significantly slowed.


Is a low-light houseplant that prefers to be kept dry in between waterings. Some forms can easily trail or be trained to a post or "totem." Others have bigger leaves and a more bushy area.

Lucky Bamboo.

Growing only in water. It can stay that way as long as the water is changed once a week. Plant it in soil and keep it consistently moist if you wish. Low to medium lighting is ideal.


Not only does this plant endure low light levels, but it also tolerates neglect! The leaves of Aglaonema are speckled with silver or pink patterns.