The Best Houseplants With Pink Leaves

You may give your home the charming quality of the color pink, which is often associated with kindness, by planting these stunning Pink Houseplants.

Pretty Pink Caladium

Caladium leaves have colored midribs, contrasting backgrounds and borders, and come in shades of red, pink, green, and/or white.

Pink Polka Dot Plant

The leaves of the most popular polka-dot plants have a pink background and green spots. 

Crassula Pellucida Variegata

The leaves are a mixture of several tones of pinks and creams, as well as various shades of green, ranging from pale green to yellow-green. 

Snow White Waffle Plant

Cultivated largely for its purple, metallic-tinted cascading leaves. It wanders merrily from baskets and grows readily indoors under the ideal conditions.

Christmas Carol

Aloe Vera turns pink when exposed to too much sunlight. Your plant will become burned and begin to suffer if it receives too much direct sunlight.

Sedum Rubrotinctum

Sedum rubrotinctum, often known as jelly bean Known by the form and color of its leaves as Pink Stonecrop or Pink Jelly Bean.

Imperial Red Philodendron

Ashrub with thick, beautiful foliage and broad, oval, leathery leaves. Bright crimson when young, burgundy red-purple. 

Anthurium Andraeanum

This flamingo-flower-inspired Anthurium is a vibrant pink that lives up to its moniker. The world’s longest blooming houseplant.

Earth Star

Earth stars are interesting indoor plants that are great for bringing a touch of texture and color to your rooms. They make the ideal indoor plants to grow .