The Best Gardening Apps Every Gardener Needs

Plant care might be difficult, but thankfully, technology can help. We found the best applications to help you care for your plants.

Garden Answers App

In order to identify the plant in question and provide basic care instructions, the app will match your snapshot to those in a database. 

Moon & Garden App

You can keep track of the moon phases and the best dates to sow various crops with the aid of Moon & Garden. 

From Seed To Spoon App

You may get individualized planting dates and a comprehensive growing guide for more than 100 fruits, vegetables, and herbs with Seed to Spoon.

LeafSnap App

Artificial intelligence is used by LeafSnap to recognize plants. Currently, it can identify 90% of all plants and trees. it will provide you with instructions on how to grow.

What’s That Flower? App

Use What’s That Flower to learn the name of each flower you see while walking around the park or in your neighborhood. 

Garden Manager App

This new app focuses on assisting you in getting more out of your edible garden. Through a series of questions, this online gardening coach guides you from planting to harvest.

Smart Plant Home

Automatically creates a care calendar after you add a plant, reminding you to water it or perform other duties based on the plant. this may be helpful.

Gardenize App

Gardenize offers advice on how to care for each plant in your garden, including location, crop rotation, and annual tracking of plants and crops.

GrowIt App

This free smartphone app is for you if you like to communicate with other plant enthusiasts for knowledge.