A lot of the ferns are safe. So we do see a lot of the Boston ferns

United Nursery Boston Fern

Curly Spider Air Purifying Plant

The spider plant is perhaps the easiest to care for and safest plant on the market

KaBloom Live Plant Collection: Herb Garden Set of 4 Plants

Generally herbs and food producing plants would be best for kids

Christmas Cactus Plant

Another child-safe plant that’s easy to propagate is the Christmas cactus

Succulents Echeveria Rosettes

the entire echeveria family (also called hens and chicks) is safe for children

Haworthia Zebra

this easy-to-grow succulent as another one that is safe for kiddos.

For the person who always seeks positive reinforcement

Costa Farms Golden Pothos in Grower Pot

Two African Violet Plants

Some of the ones that I have seen in my centers are well obviously African violets

Baby’s Tears “Helxine Soleirolii” Three Inch Clay Pot