2022's  Popular House Plants

Looking for trends in indoor plants? The most well-liked indoor plants according to the plant experts in 2022.

With the demand for houseplants skyrocketing last year, Leaf Envy believes that more Brits will look for exotic types to add to their collections.


Sometimes known as the zigzag cactus. It was one of the most popular houseplants in 2021, and we believe it will continue to be popular in 2022. If you take good care of it.

The Classic Money Tree

Was awarded Bloomscape's most popular and best-selling plant of the year for the second year in a row, and Pangborn attributed the success to customers.


Are stunning plants that come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. If you're lucky, they'll also have the most stunning blossoms. 


The popularity of these thick-leaved succulents is expected to skyrocket in 2022, according to Primrose's Garden Trends Report, which discovered a 454% increase in searches for the plant.


Has been having a moment, with many consumers eager to get their hands on it. According to the plant store, online searches for this plant on its website increased by 253% this year.


Tropical plants are also on the upswing, with Primrose reporting a 179% increase in search data for Strelitzias (Bird of Paradise).


This pretty-in-pink plant with heart-shaped leaves is a really stunning and rare type, yet it is an expensive man-made hybrid.

Begonia Chlorosticta

They're fascinating plants with some of the most gorgeous leaf designs. There are many gorgeous begonias available, and they are always in demand.