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“Discover curious facts about medicine in ancient times. Believe me, you will be surprised.”

Fact 1 :

Red-hot iron was applied to the anal region to treat hemorrhoids.

Fact 2:

Before 1500, there was no indoor plumbing. As a result, it was common practice to toss feces and pee out the window. To prevent tossing trash out the window, it was mandated to use the toilet inside the home beginning in 1513.

Fact 3:

The plague was caused by Bacillus Yesenia pestis. It is spread through direct contact with fluids or by fleas, which are carriers of the disease carried by rats. The individual may die 24 to 36 hours after incubation. People wore masks to protect their nose and mouth because they thought it was airborne. Unfortunately, thousands of people died, with corpses littering the streets. According to the UNAM Historical Research Institute, the only preventive measure was isolation.

Fact 4:

Drawing blood was a popular treatment for a variety of ailments. Many problems, doctors believed, were caused by an excess of blood in the body. If a lot of blood was needed, they cut the appropriate vein. Leeches were used when only a small amount of blood was required.

Fact 5:

The use of baths was outlawed during the Middle Ages. He believed that linen clothing, a little fresh air, and cosmetics were sufficient to make one "smell good." Although they may have saved a few liters of water, the scent became very offensive after a few days.

Fact 6:

Doctors used urine in the Middle Ages to identify many illnesses. They used a chart of the planets to diagnose the issue and determine the best course of action in addition to considering the pee sample. If the body was in good health, it was thought that the four elements, the planets, and the human body were all in harmony.

Fact 7:

Because the Church detested blood, Pope Innocent III prohibited the priestly class from doing surgery. To serve the public, barbers or farmers were commanded to be taken. Despite the dangers, it continued to play a crucial role for many centuries.

Fact 8:

Because there was no such thing as anesthesia in the past, people used various drugs to put them to sleep instead, like opium or mandrake. Additionally, the wine was essential for calming the patient who would be having surgery.

Fact 9:

Obviously, tuberculosis has been the most lethal disease in the history of mankind. Its origins go back 30,000 years or so, however other scientists think it goes back even further. In 1921, the first vaccination to treat it was developed.

Without a question, we should be appreciative of all the medical advances that have been made.