Iris Meaning

They may stand for admiration, courage, hope, faith, and wisdom. Additional meanings are attached to particular flower colors.

Iris Symbolize

The iris is a symbol for knowledge, faith, courage, and optimism. Its connotations have been modified to match different cultures because it is common in many temperate regions of the world.

What is Iris color?

blue, purple, yellow, white, pink, orange, brown, red and even black - but the most common and well-known colour is purple. 

Purple Iris flower Meaning?

Purple iris flower brings a message of wisdom and compliments. If you admire someone, a purple iris is a great way to let them know.

White Iris Mean

White irises are symbolic of innocence, sympathy, and purity, just like many other white flowers. They are used as both sympathy and wedding flowers.

Yellow Iris Mean

Irises that are a vibrant yellow color are symbolic of deep friendships. They may also stand for fidelity and passionate love.

Blue Iris Mean

Irises that are blue stand for optimism and faith. These flowers serve as a reminder to anyone going through a difficult moment that better days are ahead.

Orange Iris Mean

The colors orange stand for passion, bravery, and bravery. This iris' color is vivacious, cheery, and brimming with life.

Black Iris Mean

The black iris represents class and refinement, prestige and honor, pride and self-assurance, rebirth, the conclusion of a big event, tragedy or hatred, death, and sadness.

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