Hibiscus Meaning

The definition of hibiscus includes femininity. As a result, these blossoms are also spiritual symbols of the divine feminine.

Hibiscus Symbolize

Hibiscus blossoms are seen to be highly feminine. As a result, they are typically given to women. Hibiscus blossoms are used to represent the ideal woman or wife .

What is Hibiscus color?

Tropical hibiscus flowers are typically 4-6 inches large and come in orange, yellow, red, pink, and multicolor varieties. Purple and white varieties are uncommon. Their petals are frequently ruffled, and many have a contrasting color eye.

Red Hibiscus Mean

Red hibiscus is a symbol of love and passion

White Hibiscus Mean

White is a popular hibiscus color, and like with many white flowers, a white hibiscus is widely used to represent beauty, purity, and femininity.

Yellow Hibiscus Mean

Yellow hibiscus is frequently connected with joy, sunshine, and good fortune!

Pink Hibiscus Mean

Pink hibiscus represents friendship and many types of love - not just romantic love!

Purple Cosmos Mean

The purple hibiscus flower represents knowledge and wisdom. Purple flowers are sometimes connected with mystery. Purple flowers are used to represent high class or monarchy in several civilizations.

When to Give Hibiscus?

If you know someone who enjoys vibrant flowers and a lush, tropical atmosphere, consider giving them a hibiscus plant. Pink flowers stand in for non-romantic affection, whereas red flowering plants are ideal as a flower as a gesture of passionate love or desire. Yellow blossoming hibiscus is a suitable flower to send as a congratulations or good luck gift.

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