Angel's Trumpet

Angel's trumpet grows quickly, so pruning is necessary. Angel's trumpet blooms from spring to fall

Butterfly Bush

You can clip several butterfly bush species (Buddleia ssp.) in the fall

Chaste Tree

Chaste trees  bloom on new growth, so even though it's encouraged to prune them in late winter, you could prune them as early as late fall.


After blooms fade, cut stalks nearly to the ground, leaving foliage at the bottom. Fertilize again, and you may get a second bloom


Gardenia bursts into fragrant blooms in summer, and the blooming season lasts well into fall with most species


Many hydrangeas do well when pruned in the fall, including 'Annabelle' and 'Limelight' hydrangeas

'Knock Out' Rose

'Knock Out' roses bloom on new growth, and you can usually prune anytime except for late summer and early fall. 


You can prune these varieties that bloom in summer and fall after the last flowering


After flowering, you should cut the plant back halfway


Select three to five shoots to become the main trunks, and remove all others at the ground