Patio Garden Bed

If you're constructing a new patio, create a planting bed as part of the patio to define the space and make it feel more like an outdoor room

Perennial Garden

Why plant new flowers every year? By incorporating perennials, which return for many years, you'll be able to build a garden that will need little care from you to bloom.

Vertical Garden

Vining plants add interest and also can provide screening and privacy on a deck or patio. Vines in pots work just as well as those planted in beds.

Rose Garden

Every garden needs roses! And they're not as fussy as you might suspect. New shrub types are hardy and more disease-resistant so they're perfect even for beginners.

Bark Appeal Garden

Does your garden lack color during the leafless season? Trees and shrubs with interesting or peeling bark make a great addition to your landscape.

Shade Garden

Make your shady backyard a delightful spot to hang out when you plant shade-loving annuals and perennials.

Spring Bulb Garden

Nothing's more refreshing after a long, dark winter than greeting spring with bright and cheery flowering bulbs. Plant them in fall for a show next spring.

Fragrant Garden

A garden should enchant you on many different levels. Engage all your senses by planting a variety of fragrant flowers and shrubs.

Porch Border Garden

Forget about boring foundation plantings. Dress up your front yard with a mixed border of annuals, perennials and shrubs.