Friendly Houseplants That Are Safe for Cats or Dogs

These pet-friendly plants will provide you with peace of mind (as well as a greener environment).

Friendship Plant

The Pilea Plant is a popular indoor plant that is simple to maintain and spread. Ideal for sharing with friends.

Parlor Palm

The orchid, one of the most beautiful plants, is also dog friendly. The parlour palm is safe for dogs and can add a tropical vibe to your backyard.

Mosaic Plant

This rainforest native with exquisite white or pink veining on its leaves, on the other hand, is non-toxic to cats and dogs. 


Echeverias come in a variety of hues and colors. Because of its popularity, several hybridized echeverias are available. Echeverias are completely safe for cats, dogs, and other pets.

Christmas Cactus

Thankfully, is not poisonous to dogs. The same is true with cats. Fibrous plant material, on the other hand, might induce stomach and bowel irritation.


Calathea orbifolia, Calathea medallion, Calathea rufibarba, Calathea ornata, Calathea lancifolia , Calathea makoyana  are all safe for cats, dogs, and horses.


Although there are many bromeliad species, none of them are poisonous or hazardous to humans, cats, dogs, or other common indoor pets.

Boston Fern

"Some ferns are safe for pets, including Boston fern, bird's nest fern, and staghorn fern." And because it makes such a lovely hanging plant, it's simple to keep out of reach of your pet.

Banana Plant

The banana plant has several beneficial properties, one of which is that it is non-toxic to common pets such as cats and dogs and does not affect humans if consumed.

 Areca Palm

The Areca Palm is safe for rabbits, cats, and other common domestic pets. In truth, most real palm trees are not poisonous to domestic animals.

Air Plants

Tillandsia, sometimes known as air plants, are not poisonous to dogs or cats. Don't worry if your cat enjoys nibbling on the leaves of your air plants!