Red, White, and Blue

The first window box in our gallery features a dual-tiered window box

Royal Window Box

The deep purple blooms and the beautiful green foliage displayed in this ebony window box are extremely elegant

Lovely Lavender Wisps

The first thing that you will see in this idea is the small purple blooms that are gracefully hanging over the edge of the planter.

Poppy Paradise

This next idea is one that utilized a window box that sits directly on the window sill.

Daffodil Delight

The design is simple, but the bright yellow daffodils add a bit of color to the front of the home that will catch the eye of anyone 

Nook of Flowery Relaxation

This idea utilizes a window box and potted plants to create a relaxing place to sit in your garden or patio.

Table for Two

This idea makes me think of a quaint little coffee shop with an outdoor seating area. 

Fall Into Fall With Beautiful Window Box Flowers

Fall is a favorite of many due to the warm colors, such as those found in these window box favorites. The marigolds,

Study In Orange And Yellow

Some window box combinations are the prettiest when they’re the simplest

When Colors And Textures Contrast

The soft puffs atop ornamental grass, the sweet perfume of the flowers, and the hard pumpkin in the window box arrangement are a study in contrasts and color coordination