Agapanthus are a low maintenance perennial that produces globes of trumpet shaped flowers in various shades of blue, purple, or white.


Cuphea, also known as Cigar Plants, are versatile perennials in zones 9 to 11.


Cape Honeysuckle, although not even a close relative of a honeysuckle, has a long trumpetlike shaped flower

Easy to Grow Plans That Attract Hummingbirds

Easy to Grow Plans That Attract Hummingbirds

Butterfly Bush

Butterfly Bushes can’t be beat for flower power! They are known for their bright long panicles that attract all types of pollinators

Hummingbird Bush

The Hummingbird Bush is aptly named because they absolutely love it


Hostas are super popular plant that grow well in the shade. They are known for their striking foliage colors and leaf size but have beautiful flowers as well


When bloom time comes, in late spring and early summer, they have beautiful bell- shaped flowers rising up on tiny wands.


Salvia is planted as an annual in most gardens but will reseed itself if left alone.They blossom into bunches of tubular shaped flowers along a square stem


Bottle Brush looks exactly like its namesake! Bottle Brush are a hummingbird magnet! They bloom through the hottest part of summer into what looks like a bristly red bottle brush.