These low-maintenance annuals bloom continuously without the need for you to deadhead

Black-Eyed Susan

Black-eyed Susans should be in your garden! They’re not fussy, have a long bloom time, and boast a sunny look that works in any landscape, no matter the style.

Sweet Alyssum

Sweet alyssum looks amazing tumbling out of baskets and window boxes or cascading over a wall.


These annuals give you the most amazing show from spring to hard frost.


Delosperma,  is a hardy perennial that blooms from spring to frost.


If we could pick the easiest flower ever, marigold would be our choice!


With hundreds of varieties of sedum, you’ll find one you love.


These bright annuals are easy to grow from seeds; soak overnight, then rub a file against the seed before planting to encourage quicker germination


Angelonia is a can’t-miss plant for patio pots.


The tiny faces of these adorable annuals can handle light frosts, so they bloom all winter long in mild climates.


Coleus is an annual grown for its stunning foliage, not the insignificant flower spikes that appear in summer.