Black-Eyed Susan

Your garden needs these pretty blooms, which appear from mid-summer to fall.


Clusters of starry blue flowers cover this plant in spring to early summer. It looks best planted in masses. It likes part to full sun.


This lesser-known perennial, has beautiful spikes of indigo blue, pink, yellow, white or purple-black


Here's a perennial that's always been a cottage garden favorite but is not as well-known these days.


If you have trouble growing anything in your soil, give daylilies a try. They multiply year after year.


No cottage garden is complete without the tall, stately blooms of foxglove. Hummingbirds and butterflies adore it!


Add these beauties to the garden for winter blooms--yes, winter! They're also called Lenten roses 


When everything else has faded for the season, asters begin their show in late fall.


Peonies bloom in late spring to early summer, and the plants get bigger and better every year. Give them plenty of full sun and space to grow