Japanese wisteria

Wisteria is stunning with fragrant grape-like clusters of flower racemes cascading in shades of purple-blue and white in spring

Roses (climbers)

Roses are indispensable in the garden for looks and scent

True jasmine

Jasminum  is a deciduous climber with scented white flowers

Japanese quince

Among the first shrubs to flower every year It will grow in full sun or partial shade in any almost any type of soil

Downy clematis

A great choice for training up shrubs and trees, and for north-facing gardens, and requires little to no pruning

Potato vines

need some support and to be planted in a warm sunny situation, where it can reach up to 6m

Climbing hydrangea

Another woody climber that needs a lot of space and should be grown in the ground is Hydrangea anomala

Chinese virginia creeper

is one of the only climbers apart from ivy that will thrive in shady areas

Boston ivy

It is easy care and will self-cling to surfaces once established, but is vigorous and will need annual pruning in smaller gardens

Black eyed susan vine

It will quickly grow from seed up to 2.5m in one season, holding on to its support with twining stems

Sweet peas

Top varieties include the bicolour, strongly scented 'Matucana'; 'Erewhon' which is excellent for cutting