Artificial  Wildflowers

This artificial flower arrangement looks like a freshly picked bunch of roadside wildflowers.


Live peonies are notoriously finicky to care for, so we say faux is the way to go.

Silk Peony Bundle


A little lavender will add a fun pop of purple to any space.

Artificial Lavender Bunch


Preserved stems are a beautiful and low-maintenance alternative to fresh flowers that give an incredibly realistic look.

Preserved Bougainvillea Bunch


Silk Faux Orchid


Finding realistic faux orchids at a decent price is no easy feat, but this gorgeous one fits the bill.

Poppy flowers have extremely delicate petals, making it easy to spot a faux, but this one would fool almost anyone.

Cream Silk Flower Poppy


Bunches of artificial lilacs make the most beautiful statement in a simple arrangement. There's no need to add any greenery these beauties stand out on their own.

Lavender Artificial Lilac Flower


Hydrangea stems are a classic bloom that is as well suited in an arrangement as it is in a vase alone. 

Hydrangea Silk Flowers


Artficial Spring Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms are flower that can stand beautifully in an arrangement on their own. Grab a few branches and place them in a pitcher for an arrangement that's simple.


These fake poppy flowers add a bright pop of color to any space.

Red Fake Poppy Flower