15 Plants That Almost Grow Without Water.

Here is the list of the greatest plants that don't require too much water


For the first month or two, water the plant every 4-5 days. Agaves, once established, require only 2-3 times a month watering in the summer, or more if you live in a low desert environment.


Bougainvillea prefers a dry climate. It prefers deep waterings every three to four weeks over frequent shallow waterings.


Lantana shrubs are extremely drought tolerant. However, it will take some water to establish itself. Like many other perennial plants.


Although drought hardy, plants require roughly 1 inch of rain per week during the growing season. Check using a rain gauge to see if you need to add water.


Verbena are drought-tolerant plants, thus they will require less water than other plants when placed in the landscape.


Wallflowers are short-lived perennials that require occasional watering and are known for their stunning hues and fragrant aroma. Flowers bloom in clusters in the spring and summer.


Watering can be reduced or stopped over the winter while the plant is dormant. Adenium is a drought-tolerant plant that can go for weeks without water.


Lithops prefer to be watered in the late spring and summer, but they may require irrigation on occasion over the winter.


Gaillardia is particularly drought tolerant once established. It can go without watering unless it is exceptionally hot and dry, in which case it should be watered once or twice a week. Overwatering should be avoided.


Oleander, once established, can endure a shortage of water. If they start to lose their foliage, they can swiftly recover with appropriate irrigation. Water thoroughly every three days.


All plants require water, and Sedums are no exception — the problem with succulent plants is to provide some but not too much.

Red Valerian

There is no need to water red valerian, except if it is potted, as potted plants are more susceptible to drought.


Sage is a herb that tolerates drought well. Even if it starts to wilt, water will usually revive it. Don't overwater; instead, wait until the soil is dry before thoroughly watering.


California poppies need little water and are ideal for drought-tolerant xeriscapes. Spring rainfall is generally sufficient to water your plants.


The common yarrow requires little water to survive because it is a drought-tolerant plant. Summer irrigation should be limited to once a month.