Top 10 Desert Plants for Your Garden.

Desert plants are among the low-maintenance species. Here are the top 10 desert plants which you can plant in your garden.

Bursera fagoroides

This succulent tree, commonly known as fragrant bursera. It can be planted in a container or trained into a bonsai form for individuals who do not have a vast garden.


Ocotillo is a colorful desert plant that grows to a height of 20 to 30 feet. They have distinct spiky stalks and vivid red flowers. These blooms bloom at the tips of each branch.

Adenium Plant

Is an example of nature's greatest architecture. The curves of the plant trunks are so lovely that each plant appears to be a work of art. It is also known as the desert rose plant.

Prickly Pear Cactus

Prickly pear cactus, which grows to reach 12 inches tall when mature, is a cold-hardy choice for Northern gardens. In truth, despite its appearance in a scorching, arid desert.

Curve Leaf Yucca

Is one of the most common desert plants, with over 40 known variations, and its visual appeal extends beyond its vibrant bundle of bright green spears.

Cactus Plant

Can only be found in the desert. They flourish in the dry, harsh weather conditions. This lovely plant is low-maintenance and requires little attention.

Autumn Charm Stonecrop

If you enjoy 'Autumn Joy,' but want a plant with more appealing foliage, try 'Autumn Charm.' It bears blooms similar to 'Autumn Joy,' but with variegated foliage.

Golden Barrel Cactus

Is a visually appealing addition to any landscape design due to its unique short, spherical shape. Because of its spherical shape, this cactus works nicely as part of a rock garden.


If you look at desert plants that are lovely, you will never overlook succulents. Succulents come in so many various varieties and shapes that you will never be bored.

Aloe Vera

Is a desert shrub that has medical properties. This lovely plant is an excellent alternative for those who live in harsh climates.