Pothos plants are green with occasional white and yellow variegation. Pothos is an easy staple for every houseplant enthusiast!


While Sedum clavatum is only one kind of succulent, any succulent in the sedum family can be propagated using a plant’s leaves. 


After blooms fade, cut stalks nearly to the ground, leaving foliage at the bottom. Fertilize again, and you may get a second bloom

Chinese Money Plant

Also called a pancake plant this plant thrives best under normal household climate conditions or in zones ten and up outdoors.

Aloe, Aloe vera

While it’s winter dormant, it will remain tall, colorful, and green all year. Aloe plants can become very tall and wide with the proper care

Snake Plant

Snake Plant are typically green with yellow or white variegation, and they can grow up to five feet tall! 

Monstera deliciosa

Monstera is a bright green annual that can grow up to eight feet tall. They need a warm, humid environment, so it’s best to grow these in zones ten and up.

ZZ Plant

The ZZ plant is a vibrant green plant that thrives best in a warm environment, especially if grown outside.

Tuberous Begonias

With their bright blooms that come in various colors, Tuberous Begonias  are a summer-blooming annual that thrives best in warm climates. They can reach two feet in height.

Butterfly Bush

You can clip several butterfly bush species (Buddleia ssp.) in the fall