8 of the Best Perennials for Fall Planting

Perennials are best planted in the fall. See our selection of 12 lovely perennials for fall planting in your yard.


Heuchera are cold-tolerant plants that can be planted at any time of year - spring, summer, autumn, or winter.

Plant echinacea in full to part sun, well-drained soil, in the spring or the fall. Echinacea is also simple to cultivate from seed, but it requires a cold.



Plant your aconite in September to ensure healthy root development before winter and good growth the following spring.

Shasta Daisies

are sown in the late summer and early spring. Shasta and Oxeye daisy seeds can also be sown in the fall. They are typically sowed from the beginning of winter until the end of spring.


Perovskia is a bush that is best planted in the fall or early spring. The best time to plant most shrubs is always in the fall.


Perennial Rudbeckia are ideally planted in early fall, but they can also be planted in mid-April.

Planting hellebores is best from fall to early spring but avoid planting while the ground is frozen.



Asters can be planted at any time of year. In the South, spring and fall are the best times to establish the plant before extreme hot or cold weather. Plant in the north from late summer through early fall.

Bee balm

Plant bee balm in the spring or fall, after the risk of frost has passed. Plant bee balm 18 to 24 inches apart in full sun with healthy, well-drained soil.


Sedum can be transplanted in the fall or planted as cuttings throughout the growing season.