10 Fruits You Can Regrow from Scraps

Never throw away Kitchen Scraps, here are Fruits you can regrow from kitchen scraps. These fruits are:


Pineapple It can be grown from the crown, which is normally twisted off and thrown away. It's one of those fruits that can be regrown from scraps.


An avocado seed germinates well in water, and using the water approach allows you to observe when the seeds sprout, which isn't always visible when they're placed in soil.


On a chopping board, cut your lemon in half and remove the pips. Any undersized, shriveled, or cut pips should be discarded because they will not germinate. Then, to determine if the remaining pips are viable, place them in a glass of water. If they sink, they are ready to plant; if they float, they will most likely not germinate.


Planting these seeds is straightforward. Instead of throwing away the seeds, keep them and plant them in rich, nourishing potting soil.


Tomatoes are a low-maintenance plant that can be produced from the seeds of a store-bought tomato.


A peach pit from grocery store fruit can be grown into a peach tree.


Apple seeds require a period of chilling, or stratification, before sprouting, so store the container in the refrigerator for at least two to three weeks, and up to a month.


Growing plum trees is not difficult if you provide them with what they require. Plums need full light and well-drained, sandy soil to grow. They prefer soil with a pH between 5.5 and 6.5.


Melons can be transplanted or seeded directly. Plant melons in hot, sunny regions with fertile, well-drained soils for the best results. Melon seeds should be planted one week to ten days before the last spring frost date.


You can cultivate cherries at home using pits from locally farmed cherry, but the procedure will take longer.