Asters are late bloomers, and they also attract tons of pollinators so you'll enjoy the flowers and their visitors.


This perennial is grown mainly for its gorgeous, saturated foliage which comes in every shade from lemony yellow to watermelon red.

Autumn Joy Sedum

this autumn variety is known for its upright form and bright pink flowers in late summer and early fall.


These gorgeous flowers come in an array of sizes from tiny buttons and balls to giant dinner plate-sized flowers


Sunflowers range in size from a few feet to more than 10 feet tall! Plant the seeds in spring for late summer and fall color

Shrub Rose

Shrub roses, also called landscape roses, are hardy and reliable, and new varieties are more disease resistant

Burning Bush

This hardy bush turns a brilliant red in fall, earning its name! Plant as part of a mixed border or privacy screen.


Also called cockscomb, this flame-like flower adds a pop of color to any container or garden bed with bright yellow, pink, orange or