Red Maple (Acer rubrum)

Red maple trees, also known as October Glory, can grow up to twenty-five meters tall and thrive in different types of soil.


Red Maple (Acer rubrum)

Their roots may be shallow but can spread in a large area, so we recommend planting red maples where they have ample space to grow.

Eastern White Pine

Of all the fastest growing pine trees, the Eastern white pine tree is the lightest and softest, with blue-green needles in bundles of five.

White Poplar (Populus alba)

White poplars have invasive traits that enable them to spread aggressively.

Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum) – Vivid Beautiful Trees

f you want fast growing shade trees that stand out in the middle of your garden, plant a Japanese maple tree

 Dawn Redwood

This quickly growing tree is a variety of the redwood tree family that was thought to be extinct

California White Oak Tree

Oak trees are excellent specimens to plant in your yard because they can live for hundreds of years

Hybrid Poplar Tree

For a fast growing hedge that can border your property quickly, you need a Hybrid poplar

River Birch

This tree is a bushy deciduous specimen loved by many for its incredible peeling bark

Leyland Cypress Trees

Leyland cypress is known for its rapid growth rate and beauty. It grows up to four feet a year and can peak fifty feet in a decade