How to Care for Potted Succulents During the Winter Months

Succulents are some of the most popular houseplants due to their low maintenance needs and unique appearance. While they are a great choice for indoor décor, it is important to know how to properly care for them in the winter, as well as throughout the year. In this article, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about caring for potted succulents in the winter, such as whether or not your house is too cold for them, if you can leave them out year round, when to stop watering them, and more. We will also discuss the best way to water succulents, whether or not they like to be crowded, and if they can live in pots without holes.

What do you do with potted succulents in the winter?

Potted succulents can be kept indoors during the winter months to protect them from cold temperatures and frost. They should be placed in a sunny spot near a window, as they need plenty of light. Succulents should also be watered less often in the winter, as they require less water during this time. It is also important to make sure that the soil does not become soggy, as this can cause root rot. Finally, it is important to fertilize the succulents every few months to ensure that they have enough nutrients to thrive.

Is my house too cold for succulents?

The answer to this question depends on the climate you live in and the conditions of your home. Generally speaking, succulents prefer temperatures between 65-75°F (18-24°C). If your house is colder than this, it may be too cold for succulents. However, some succulents, such as Sempervivum, can tolerate temperatures as low as -30°F. If you are unsure of the temperature in your home, you can purchase a thermometer to measure it. Additionally, you can place your succulents near windows or in a room that receives more sunlight, as this can help keep the temperature more consistent.

Can you leave succulents out year round?

Yes, you can leave succulents out year round, depending on where you live. Succulents are quite hardy and can withstand a wide range of temperatures. However, it is important to note that succulents do not tolerate cold temperatures well and should be brought indoors or protected from frost if you live in an area with cold winters. Additionally, succulents should be placed in a location that gets plenty of bright, indirect sunlight, as this will help them thrive. With proper care, succulents can be kept outdoors year-round and will provide a beautiful, low-maintenance addition to your outdoor space.

When should I stop watering my succulents?

It is important to know when to stop watering your succulents. Generally, you should stop watering your succulents when the soil has dried out completely. To check if the soil is dry, stick your finger into the soil up to the first knuckle. If the soil is still moist, wait a few days before checking again. If the soil is dry, then it is time to water your succulents. Make sure to water them thoroughly and evenly, until water runs out of the drainage holes. Then allow the soil to dry out completely before watering again.

Should you deadhead succulents?

Yes, it is recommended to deadhead succulents. Deadheading is the process of removing spent flowers and seed pods from plants. This helps to maintain the overall health of the succulent, as well as encouraging new growth. Additionally, it can help to prevent the spread of disease, as the flowers and seed pods can carry parasites and other diseases. Deadheading is also beneficial for aesthetic purposes, as it can help to keep the succulent looking neat and tidy.

Do you water succulents from the top or bottom?

When it comes to watering succulents, it is generally recommended to water from the bottom. This means that you should place the pot in a tray or bowl of water, so that the soil can absorb the water from the bottom up. This is important because succulents do not like to sit in water, and if you water them from the top, you risk overwatering them. Additionally, when you water from the top, the water can cause the leaves to rot if it pools in the center of the plant.

Do succulents like full sun?

Yes, succulents generally do like full sun. Most succulents thrive best in direct sunlight for at least 6 hours a day, especially during the hottest part of the day. Some succulents, such as aloe vera, can tolerate partial shade, but they will not grow as vigorously as they would in full sun. To ensure your succulents are getting enough sun, place them in a south or west-facing window.

What is the best way to water succulents?

The best way to water succulents is to give them a deep watering every 1-2 weeks. You should water the soil until it is thoroughly saturated and then allow the soil to dry out completely before watering again. When watering, it is important to avoid getting water on the leaves as this can cause rot. Additionally, it is best to use lukewarm water as cold water can shock the plant. It is also beneficial to fertilize succulents every 6-8 weeks with a diluted liquid fertilizer. This will help the plant stay healthy and thrive.

Do succulents like to be crowded?

No, succulents do not like to be crowded. Succulents need space in order to grow and thrive. When succulents are crowded, they will not receive enough sunlight or air circulation, which can make them prone to disease and pests. Additionally, overcrowding can lead to root rot, which can be difficult to reverse. Therefore, it is important to give succulents enough space in order to ensure their health and longevity.

Can succulents live in pots without holes?

Yes, succulents can live in pots without holes. When growing succulents in pots without holes, it is important to take extra care with watering. Succulents need well draining soil, so it is important to make sure the soil is not too saturated or the roots may rot. When watering, it is best to water until the soil is moist, but not soggy. It is also important to allow the soil to dry out in between waterings. It is also beneficial to use a potting mix specifically formulated for succulents when growing in pots without holes.

In conclusion, potted succulents should be brought indoors in the winter if your house is too cold. Succulents can be left out year round in warm climates, but should be kept out of direct sunlight and watered when the soil is dry. Deadheading is not necessary, but it can help promote new growth. Succulents should be watered from the top and prefer full sun. The best way to water succulents is to water them slowly and deeply. Succulents do not like to be crowded and can survive in pots without holes as long as they are watered regularly.