30+ Amazing Houseplant Hacks That Actually Work

Turkey Baster


If you end up overwatering your plants, some of the excess water will drain into the saucer underneath the pot. However, having your plant just sit in that water isn’t a great idea because its root will rot faster.

Picking up your plant and pouring the water from the saucer down the drain is an option, but it can be messy and quite difficult if you’re dealing with large plants. That’s why you should use a turkey baster to remove excess water from the saucer.

Ice Cream Stick Markers


It’s time-consuming to figure out how each of your plants works and what they need to thrive. While it’s not always possible to put lots of effort into each one, it’s important to be mindful of red flags and to act as soon as you see them.

Some things to look out for are leaves that are red, falling out, or darkening on the edges. It’s possible that the plants need more water or fertilizer or that they need to be replanted or moved.